Wilson Wong & the Dudes

Wilson Wong & the Dudes - Live At the Bistro Album Out!

Hey all,

Been while since I've updated the website!  Never too late to do so. Drum roll please!

We're proud to announce the digital release of "Wilson Wong & the Dudes: Live at the Bistro" on bandcamp.  The evening's performance was recorded and mixed by our very own Stephen Michael and sound engineered by Justin Vanegas. 

So if you ever wanted to hear us live, but never been able to, this is your chance.  You'll hear live versions of "Other Side of Twenty EP", as well as covers, and songs that may be on our next EP.  It's very clear we've been working hard on our craft for the past four years, with witty in between banter and everything.

Track Listing:
1. February Blues
2. It's Good To Be Free (Oasis Cover)
3. Wait and See
4. Getaway
5. Molly's Lips (Vaselines Cover)
6. That's How It Goes
7. Try If You Wanna
8. Weary Is the Rest of Us
9. Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Cover)
10. Heart is Growing Old w/witty banter intro

So, depressed about our current political climate and need some folk-rock to cheer you up?  Listen to our live album!  Click on the box below.