Wilson Wong & the Dudes

Watch Steve Witt, Dude Member, in action in the studio!

Hey folks,

Happy Opening Day to you baseball fans out there.  It's pretty wet and rainy here in the San Francisco Bay Area and being an Oakland A's fan, hope there's not a rainout for tonight's opener.  Baseball aside, here's another glimpse into our EP recording sessions.  This video will feature "Dude" member, the one and only Steve Witt.

A little backstory, Steve and I go way back as regulars at the old Freight and Salvage Open Mic in Berkeley.  At the time, in 2007, I was still a young artist trying to find my sound and confidence as a performer.  Steve was one of the first artists to welcome me, give me feedback, and talk about craft.  Very soon we became part of a songwriter circle and even co-headlined gigs together with his very talented group "Grimey Blue".  Long story short, whenever I needed someone to provide accompaniment at gigs, Steve was one of the first people I asked.  I think it's definitely worked out ever since.

Anyway, here's the video!  Enjoy!