Wilson Wong & the Dudes

Upcoming Roosters Roadhouse Show and Exclusive Single

Hey y'all

We're going to be the featured act at Rooster's Roadhouse Open Mic on May 20th.  It's hosted by Stephen Michael, Dude member and our drummer.  It's a one drink minimum, but does not have to be alcoholic.  Since it's an open mic, you're more than welcome to bring an instrument and sign up to play; a drummer and bassist could provide accompaniment if you wish.  Check out the flyer for more info.

Also recently re-recorded an old song called "Days of You and Me" with my good friend Vince Go of Vgo Recordings.  We spent an afternoon laying down the track and it sounds good.  The song is available for your enjoyment and to purchase right here.

That's all for now, stay tune for more!