Wilson Wong & the Dudes

Releasing an EP, like algebra, ain't easy! - Much Needed Welcome Update

Hey folks,

Regarding the tagline, I know some of you might be thinking,

“Hey Wilson, Algebra was easy!”.  

Well, hurray for you, NERD!  

Just kidding, was only looking to get your attention and charm you with a much needed and welcome update.

Releasing an EP, is definitely a lot of work.  There are many steps and a lot to coordinate.  One day, when I’m insanely rich, I shall hire someone to do all this busy work.  In all seriousness, it’s very educational.  

The first thing I did was register the songs to ASCAP, which legally gave ownership to the songs.  You can't help imagine what a good idea it was to do so. You never want some jerk stealing your songs and make millions that should be yours.  

The next thing is the artwork, which is definitely important.  Any random picture of you from last year’s Thanksgiving and slapping your band’s name on the album cover won’t cut it.  Could be funny if you’re going for that, but it has to represent what the music is about.  I’m lucky to have a good friend help do the artwork and excited to see how it turns out.

The most crucial thing is getting the venue for that EP release show.  With some help from Wesley Woo, we’ve been contacting local Bay Area venues to host the show.  I’m still searching and there’s a tad bit of obstacles.  Lots of places require you have a minimum draw, so you can’t just hastily do a booking, and you need time to promote the show.  If you can’t draw, then the venues do not make a profit, then you feel bad.  Then there’s the designing of flyers, marketing, and bribing all friends and family to show up so you won’t feel bad.

Finally, there’s the CD printing and online distribution.  This is ideally the place where you want people to buy your music.  I don’t know how much money I will earn and that’s not the important part.  It’s all about getting my music out there and I want to look back telling my grandkids that I released an EP.

So like algebra, planning an EP release show ain’t easy.  Will keep y’all update folks.