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New EP update video and upcoming shows!


Hey folks,

Wanted to give a long overdue update on the EP.  We have finished recording and now the preliminary mixes have begun.  Post production work is a lengthy process, but I have faith the gang of 11th Ave Records will make the songs shine.  I'm thrilled the goal of making an EP (from raising the money, finding the producer, and laying down the tracks) is almost complete.  

Anyway, here's a latest glimpse of recording, featuring Dude guitarist Carlos Cajilig playing sweet licks, Tommy P producing, MJ Lee giving kind words, and myself caving in to my sweet tooth.  Enjoy our hijinks below.



Also I have two performances at the end of June, one at the High Street Station and the other at Bazaar Cafe.  Check out the calendar for more info!  I'm out, take care!


Wilson's Interview with Americana Wanderer


Just had the pleasure to record an interview for Stephen Michael's, aka our drummer's, Americana Wanderer podcast.  This is the first episode and was an honor to be a part of it.  Check out the interview below.



Also, here's a selfie of our recent band rehearsal for tomorrow night's Roosters Open Mic.  Hope to see you guys tomorrow night!

Upcoming Roosters Roadhouse Show and Exclusive Single


Hey y'all

We're going to be the featured act at Rooster's Roadhouse Open Mic on May 20th.  It's hosted by Stephen Michael, Dude member and our drummer.  It's a one drink minimum, but does not have to be alcoholic.  Since it's an open mic, you're more than welcome to bring an instrument and sign up to play; a drummer and bassist could provide accompaniment if you wish.  Check out the flyer for more info.

Also recently re-recorded an old song called "Days of You and Me" with my good friend Vince Go of Vgo Recordings.  We spent an afternoon laying down the track and it sounds good.  The song is available for your enjoyment and to purchase right here.

That's all for now, stay tune for more!

Youtube Channel, with videos!


Hey folks,

Short entry this week, nothing too new to report.  I did want to post videos of our performance at the past Go!Hana show.  Better yet, I do have a Youtube channel with three subscribers, could use a little more.  Yes, the channel is a little bare right now, but I plan to start updating it.  Anyway, check out the link to the channel and the videos below!


EP recording update and a new-old single?


Hey folks,

I know it’s Tuesday, this blog entry is late, but had a tiring Monday night where my brain couldn’t put words to keyboard.  And yes, the Oakland A’s game was on and was slightly distracted.   Regardless, here’s an update on recording.

Vocals are officially done!  Laid them down Sunday night.  Words can’t describe the feeling listening to the rough mix of the tracks, a sense of accomplishment, and reaching that goal.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of work for Tommy P and the rest of the 11th Ave. Records gang to do.   Besides the mixing and the mastering, there will be some “choir” parts for one particular song.  It’s a surprise, so stay tune.

Here’s video of me doing some vocals for the song “Getaway”.  Can’t wait for you guys to hear the final track.  It’s all coming together!

Finally, I visited my friend Vince’s studio on Friday, who wanted to test out newly acquired studio mics, and we recorded an old song of mine.  The track sounded good and will be posting it here for everyone to listen when it’s done.  

That’s all for now, take care, and until the next update.


Full Band Debuts and Pictures to Prove It!

Hey again,
Another Monday, another update, this time a short one.  We just played our first show as a full fledge band on Saturday and it was a blast.  Thanks for RAMA for being lovely hosts and kudos to Kenny Chung, Astralogik, and Dirty Boots for lovely performances!

Gearing up for Saturday's GoHana show and Meet Carlos and Stephen!


Hey fabulous people,

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and enjoying the warm weather here in the Bay Area.  It will be quite the busy week for Wilson Wong and the Dudes, all leading up to our GoHana performance this Saturday.

For starters, lead guitarist Carlos Cajilig will be laying down guitar parts at 11th Ave Studios tomorrow night.  I’m definitely thrilled he’s playing on the EP.  Prior to becoming a Dude, I’ve known as an active member of Asian American arts scene, and at gigs masterfully playing guitar.  Not only does this man only play scales like no other, he’s a terrific singer.  Want proof?  Check out this video.

As mentioned on a previous post, we have a drummer now, and he is the one and only Stephen Michael.  Besides being a pretty good drummer for other bands, he’s a talented singer-songwriter from the Alameda music scene, and just a good dude.   So yes, the man can definitely multi-task and check out his album of Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks covers.   

So we’ll be rehearsing and getting ready for Saturday’s show.  Hope to see some of you lovely folks there.  It’s going to be an awesome show!


Watch Steve Witt, Dude Member, in action in the studio!


Hey folks,

Happy Opening Day to you baseball fans out there.  It's pretty wet and rainy here in the San Francisco Bay Area and being an Oakland A's fan, hope there's not a rainout for tonight's opener.  Baseball aside, wanted to share with another glimpse into our EP recording sessions.  This video will feature "Dude" member, the one and only Steve Witt.

A little backstory, Steve and I go way back as regulars at the old Freight and Salvage Open Mic in Berkeley.  At the time, in 2007, I was still a young artist trying to find my sound and confidence as a performer.  Steve was one of the first artists to welcome me, give me feedback, and talk about craft.  Very soon we became part of a songwriter circle and even co-headlined gigs together with his very talented group "Grimey Blue".  Long story short, whenever I needed someone to provide accompaniment at gigs, Steve was one of the first people I asked.  I think it's definitely worked out ever since.

Anyway, here's the video!  Enjoy!

Recording Update, with Videos!


Hey folks, all ten of you, been a good while since my last blog post. Hearing a good suggestion from a fellow singer-songwriter with savvy marketing skills, I will try to blog at least once a week.  This way you will be up to date with all things Wilson Wong and the Dudes and to tell the love ones that we're still alive.  :)

Anyway, recording has been going great and everything is coming together.  Major kudos to Tommy P of 11th Ave Records, whose creative energy and enthusiasm has made this first studio experience a blast.  Here's a glimpse of us at work.  I will be posting more videos in a few days, so stay tune.

Also, will be playing at RAMA's GoHana show on April 12th, so mark your calendars.  There's also chance we will be debuting a new drummer, making our dynamic trio into an kickass full fledge band!  So, don't go anywhere that weekend!


Indiegogo Update and NEW Mailing List!


Hey folks,

Hope everyone is doing well, especially anyone who celebrated Single Awareness Day (much love to the Happy Couples too).  Here's a little update on the latest happenings.

Thank you everyone who funded to my Indiegogo campaign!  We raised about $700 dollars, which many not sound like a whole lot of money, but it's a great start to record an EP.  I'll be working with the boys from 11th Ave records, good friends, and very talented singer-songwriters themselves.  I'm currently tracking some songs, in production terms it means recording the basic guitar and vocal tracks.  Once that's going, I'll have Steve and Carlos add their respective guitar and bass tracks, add some percussion, get a decent mix, and mastering.  It may take time, since I want to make the best EP, so take tune for updates.

Also you may not know, I added a mailing list widget on the page.  I want to work on getting a core following this year, so please sign up for up to date news.  Don't be afraid to share with friends, the more the merrier!

That's all for now, take care, and stay tune!


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