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2/19 Freight Show Cancelled and Good News!


Happy February,

We're sad to announce that are upcoming show at the Freight and Salvage was cancelled due to low ticket sales.  We were looking forward to playing a venue we consider a home, but I'm sure there will be another opportunity in the future!  So don't fret, we have some good news to announce.

We're happy to announce two upcoming shows, 2/20 opening for KCDC at High Street Station, and 2/28 at the Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.  So there are two chances to see us live and doing our thing.  So check out our calendar for more details!

That's all for now!  If you have already, please check out our "Other Side of Twenty" EP.  

Apologies and Details on the 2/19 Freight & Salvage Show!


Howdy everyone,

It has been an interesting start to 2015 to say the least.  The Cafe Yesterday gig was cancelled last minute because of staff shortage.  I also back out my first night hosting High Street Station's 2nd Thursday's Open Mic and performing at 11th Ave Records Bazaar Cafe Residency showcase due to a family emergency.  Now that things have settled down, I'm still bummed I couldn't make it to those commitments.  So I want to say on behalf of the Dudes, we are deeply sorry, things were out of our control, and we will make it to you.  If that doesn't work, here's a picture of a cute puppy.

So is everything forgiven? 


If not, keep looking at the puppy's eyes.  

So here's the poster of our upcoming gig February 19th Freight and Salvage gig, opening with the one and only George Cole, co-presented by Clap Handz Entertainment and the Freight & Salvage.  Wilson Wong & The Dudes will be sharing the stage with Zack Bateman & The Coal Minds and it's hosted by our good friend Stephen Michael; the hardest working vegan from Alameda!

On a personal note, it will be a huge night for Steve and I.  We both met at the Freight & Salvage open mic and are regulars.  You can say we worked on our craft and been fortunate to be a part of open mic community there.  We have lots of friends there and excited for the opportunity to play at a grand venue for a great cause!  So get your tickets!  



Happy 2015!


Happy 2015!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!  In spirit of the New Year, I have some upcoming shows to announce.

Starting this Thursday, I start hosting High Street Station's Open Mic every second Thursdays.  Sign ups start at 6:45pm and performances at 7:00pm.  Bring your talents to this acoustic songwriter open mic!

On January 13th, Steve and I will be playing a set for 11th Ave Records Artist in Residence at the Bazaar Cafe.  Also featured on the bill our friends Wesley Woo band and Heather Nievera & Jessica Chen.  This should be a fun night, so come on through. 

And of course, we have our big show on February 18th at the Freight & Salvage opening for George Cole.  It will be extra special because Steve and I are regulars at their Tuesday open mics.  Being a part of a show there is a dream come true and we're looking for it.  

That's all for now, hope 2015 is as awesome as 2014!  Take care folks.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone!  2014 has been a great year for Wilson Wong & the Dudes!  We became a full fledged band with the addition of Stephen Michael on drums, finished and released our "Other Side of Twenty" EP, did a release show at Studio Grand, and having a blast.  2015 promises to be another good year and we have some upcoming gigs in January and February.  

We also did a photoshoot with Zach Bateman of Clap Hands Entertainment and will have an EPK video shoon.  Here's one of our photos, our one with serious hipster cred.

One last announcement, Wilson will be hosting High Street Station's Cafe open mic every second Thursday starting in January.  Having been a regular open mic participant, he's thrilled with the opportunity to host an open mic.  So if you have aspirations to perform in front of an audience of peers that will show you support, swing on by.  Here's the Facebook event page.  

That's all for now, have a safe and wonderful holiday, and see you next year!

Website Updated


Hey Folks,

Been almost a week since we played our EP release show at Studio Grand.  It was an awesome show and a thousand thanks to Wesley Woo and Heather Nievera opening for us.  We have to play another show soon!

As you can see, there are now updates to the photo gallery and audio pages.  Most importantly our store page is now up, so check out the links.  

Stay tune for more shows and updates.


It's coming!


Hey folks,

Here it is everybody, the official album cover of our EP, Other Side of Twenty.  It was designed by my good friend Bonny You, so check it out!



Also, we have an upcoming show below, hope to see you all there.


Releasing an EP, like algebra, ain't easy! - Much Needed Welcome Update


Hey folks,

Regarding the tagline, I know some of you might be thinking,

“Hey Wilson, Algebra was easy!”.  

Well, hurray for you, NERD!  

Just kidding, was only looking to get your attention and charm you with a much needed and welcome update.

Releasing an EP, is definitely a lot of work.  There are many steps and a lot to coordinate.  One day, when I’m insanely rich, I shall hire someone to do all this busy work.  In all seriousness, it’s very educational.  

Back, but were we ever gone?


Hey folks,

Wilson here.  Apologies to loyal fans for the lack of updates the past month.  You can say I was in full on "beast mode" for my day job, one that I equally love as much as music.  Anyway, time to get into "music beast mode".  Here's a much needed update.

The EP is officially mixed and mastered and sounds great.  All the hard work, from writing the songs, launching the Kickstarter/Indiegogo to raise funds, finding Tommy P to produce, and recording with the Dudes; it was all worth it.  Much thanks to the boys from 11th Ave Records.  I plan to have a EP release party in the fall, so stay tune.  For your listening pleasure, here's an EP teaser.

No upcoming full band performances, so I'll be hitting up the open mics to get back into music shape.  I may have a few live gigs coming up, so stay tune.  That's all for now, stay awesome.

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