Wilson Wong & the Dudes

It's been a while!

Hi internets,

It's been a while since I updated the website's blog.  I know the last post in August stated we're still alive.  So let me reiterate, we're still alive, playing shows, and have not broken up.  This goes out to all our fans, all 10 of you.

I've updated the calendar and will be playing at  the Chicken Teriyaki Bazaar on Sunday, June 5th at the Pine United Methodist Church in San Francisco.  This gig is special to the band's history because it marked the first time Carlos "Chuck" Cajilig play guitar with the group.   We have known each other from prior Asian American art events and was there three years ago to back up another artist.  Steve Witt couldn't make it that day and was playing solo.  I've been use to playing with accompaniment, so I asked Chuck to play with me on the spot.  We went over a few songs quickly (my songs are pretty easy to play) and it turned out pretty well.  I asked him if he would be interested in playing with me and Steve on a regular basis, he said yes, and been a dude ever since.

If I had a picture, I would post it right now, but I do not.  So I won't.  Just use your imagination.  I'll back soon.