Wilson Wong & the Dudes

Indiegogo Update and NEW Mailing List!

Hey folks,

Hope everyone is doing well, especially anyone who celebrated Single Awareness Day (much love to the Happy Couples too).  Here's a little update on the latest happenings.

Thank you everyone who funded to my Indiegogo campaign!  We raised about $700 dollars, which may not sound like a million dollars, but a great start to record an EP.  I'll be working with the boys from 11th Ave records, good friends, and very talented singer-songwriters themselves.  I'm currently tracking songs, in production terms meaning laying down basic guitar and vocal.  Once completed, Steve and Carlos will add their respective guitar and bass tracks, add some percussion, get a decent mix, and finally mastering.  It may take time, since I want to make the best EP, so take tune for updates.

Also you may not know, I added a mailing list widget on the page.  I want to work on getting a core following this year, so please sign up for up to date news.  Don't be afraid to share with friends, the more the merrier!

That's all for now, take care, and stay tune!