Wilson Wong & the Dudes

Gearing up for Saturday's GoHana show and Meet Carlos and Stephen!

Hey fabulous people,

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and enjoying the warm weather here in the Bay Area.  It will be quite the busy week for Wilson Wong and the Dudes, all leading up to our GoHana performance this Saturday.

For starters, lead guitarist Carlos Cajilig will be laying down guitar parts at 11th Ave Studios tomorrow night.  I’m definitely thrilled he’s playing on the EP.  Prior to becoming a Dude, I’ve known as an active member of Asian American arts scene, and at gigs masterfully playing guitar.  Not only does this man only play scales like no other, he’s a terrific singer.  Want proof?  Check out this video.

As mentioned on a previous post, we have a drummer now, and he is the one and only Stephen Michael.  Besides being a pretty good drummer for other bands, he’s a talented singer-songwriter from the Alameda music scene, and just a good dude.   So yes, the man can definitely multi-task and check out his album of Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks covers.   

So we’ll be rehearsing and getting ready for Saturday’s show.  Hope to see some of you lovely folks there.  It’s going to be an awesome show!