Wilson Wong & the Dudes

EP recording update and a new-old single?

Hey folks,

I know it’s Tuesday, this blog entry is late, but had a tiring Monday night where my brain couldn’t put words to keyboard.  And yes, the Oakland A’s game was on and was slightly distracted.   Regardless, here’s an update on recording.

Vocals are officially done!  Laid them down Sunday night.  Words can’t describe the feeling listening to the rough mix of the tracks, a sense of accomplishment, and reaching that goal.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of work for Tommy P and the rest of the 11th Ave. Records gang to do.   Besides the mixing and the mastering, there will be some “choir” parts for one particular song.  It’s a surprise, so stay tune.

Here’s video of me doing some vocals for the song “Getaway”.  Can’t wait for you guys to hear the final track.  It’s all coming together!

Finally, I visited my friend Vince’s studio on Friday, who wanted to test out newly acquired studio mics, and we recorded an old song of mine.  The track sounded good and will be posting it here for everyone to listen when it’s done.  

That’s all for now, take care, and until the next update.