Wilson Wong & the Dudes

Back, but were we ever gone?

Hey folks,

Wilson here.  Apologies to loyal fans for the lack of updates the past month.  You can say I was in full on "beast mode" for my day job, one that I equally love as much as music.  Anyway, time to get into "music beast mode".  Here's a much needed update.

The EP is officially mixed and mastered and sounds great.  All the hard work, from writing the songs, launching the Kickstarter/Indiegogo to raise funds, finding Tommy P to produce, and recording with the Dudes; it was all worth it.  Much thanks to the boys from 11th Ave Records.  I plan to have a EP release party in the fall, so stay tune.  For your listening pleasure, here's an EP teaser.

No upcoming full band performances, so I'll be hitting up the open mics to get back into music shape.  I may have a few live gigs coming up, so stay tune.  That's all for now, stay awesome.