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Wilson Wong & the Dudes - Live At the Bistro Album Out!


Hey all,

Been while since I've updated the website!  Never too late to do so. Drum roll please!

We're proud to announce the digital release of "Wilson Wong & the Dudes: Live at the Bistro" on bandcamp.  The evening's performance was recorded and mixed by our very own Stephen Michael and sound engineered by Justin Vanegas. 

So if you ever wanted to hear us live, but never been able to, this is your chance.  You'll hear live versions of "Other Side of Twenty EP", as well as covers, and songs that may be on our next EP.  It's very clear we've been working hard on our craft for the past four years, with witty in between banter and everything.

Track Listing:
1. February Blues
2. It's Good To Be Free (Oasis Cover)
3. Wait and See
4. Getaway
5. Molly's Lips (Vaselines Cover)
6. That's How It Goes
7. Try If You Wanna
8. Weary Is the Rest of Us
9. Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Cover)
10. Heart is Growing Old w/witty banter intro

So, depressed about our current political climate and need some folk-rock to cheer you up?  Listen to our live album!  Click on the box below.

It's been a while!


Hi internets,

It's been a while since I updated the website's blog.  I know the last post in August stated we're still alive.  So let me reiterate, we're still alive, playing shows, and have not broken up.  This goes out to all our fans, all 10 of you.

I've updated the calendar and will be playing at  the Chicken Teriyaki Bazaar on Sunday, June 5th at the Pine United Methodist Church in San Francisco.  This gig is special to the band's history because it marked the first time Carlos "Chuck" Cajilig play guitar with the group.   We have known each other from prior Asian American art events and was there three years ago to back up another artist.  Steve Witt couldn't make it that day and was playing solo.  I've been use to playing with accompaniment, so I asked Chuck to play with me on the spot.  We went over a few songs quickly (my songs are pretty easy to play) and it turned out pretty well.  I asked him if he would be interested in playing with me and Steve on a regular basis, he said yes, and been a dude ever since.

If I had a picture, I would post it right now, but I do not.  So I won't.  Just use your imagination.  I'll back soon.

Still Alive - New Shows and Dude Related Stuffs


Hey internet,

Sorry I haven't been updated the blog in a while.  I was busy with some things in the non music life that had priority first and now have some time to focus on the passion.  Just have a few things Wilson and Dude related to announce.  


Just booked three exciting upcoming shows at some new and familiar venues, with some new and familiar friends.  They are 10/3 at Cafe La Boheme for Mission Arts Performance Project (MAPP), 10/23 at Octopus Literary Salon w/MJ Lee, and 11/14 at High Street Station Cafe w/Skye Alexander & Russ Pollock.  We're pumped and will be playing some old songs and a few new ones.  So stop on by!

Dude Related Stuffs

I am blessed to have a talented group of musicians to back me up during performances.  Not only do they rock it in our group, but they have other projects as well.  I want to take a moment to highlight lead guitarist Carlos "Chuck" Cajilig and drummer Stephen Michael's side projects.  Because, the Dude abides.

Chuck plays lead guitar for a wonderful SF indie band called Diamond Heights.  I've been to a few of their live shows and they are great live.  Their three song EP, City Charms is a great listen.  My favorite track is the title track, "City Charms".  I love the guitar riff in it and if you ever seen our band play, you may recognize whose playing.  Check them out!  (www.soundcloud.com/diamondheights)

Stephen, who's also a wonderful folk singer-songwriter, just released a cover album called, "Everything Dies".  He covers the greats, which include Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Purdy, and others.  It's a very well done album and love the strip down approach of only vocals and acoustic guitar, with some accompaniment.  My favorite tracks include "I'll Be Here in the Morning" by Townes Van Zandt and "California Blue" by Roy Orbison.  Again check it out and tell him I send you.  (www.stephenmichaelguitar.bandcamp.com/album/everything-dies)

Anyway that's all for now.  Please check out our EP if you haven't listened to it yet!

"Free Fallin" Cover Out Now #wilsonopensfortompetty


Another week, another Petty cover video!  Joining me this week is the lovely Mj Lee (www.mjleedot.com) providing violin and harmonies.  Much thanks to Willy Chen Photography for making this video look awesome.  Enjoy folks and we have another one next week.

"You Don't Know How It Feels" Cover - #wilsonopensfortompetty


It's another Monday, which means another cover for our #wilsonopensfortompetty campaign.  This week is our "You Don't Know How It Feels" cover, which is off Petty's "Wildflower" solo album.  Much thanks to Chuck for not only providing guitar licks, but lending his audio/video equipment during the making of the video.  Enjoy and please share with all your friends!


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"I Won't Back Down" Cover now available. #wilsonopensfortompetty


Here's #wilsonopensfortompetty campaign's first video.  This is our version of Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down", off his Full Moon Fever album.  Backing me up on percussion is the one and only Stephen Michael.  Much thanks to Zack Bateman for helping us film this.  Check back next week and don't forget to like, share, and comment on the video below!


#wilsonopensfortompetty Campaign Is Live!


Hey folks,

I'm sure some of you, all ten of you, have been wondering what's with the hashtag #wilsonopensfortompetty?  For all your answers, please watch the following video.

Sure the chances are slim, but it doesn't hurt to try right?  So for about a month, I'll be posting a Tom Petty cover on Youtube.  Please check back to view it, comment on it, and of course share it! 

Don't forget we want to make the #wilsonopensfortompetty viral!  Use that hashtag on your social media feeds.  Share the campaign video and p.ease post the following photo on your profile pages.

Be sure to come back this Monday for our first cover video.  Let's make this happen!


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